Application Maintenance

n this dynamic digital age, application maintenance is a must-have process for any enterprise. Developing highly advanced software with desired results does not complete the full cycle of project management. Any application ought to be supported and maintained by keeping it bug-free at the molecular level, to ensure it remains operational in the most precision-driven manner.

At IMatrix, the Application Maintenance and Support Group delivers these services through a well-defined ALM process framework. This encompasses web-based, service-oriented enterprise solutions in the functional domains of enterprise content management, search and collaboration, business process management, enterprise application integration including human and system wor kflows.

IMatrix application developers leverage extensive knowledge and experience to tailor the functionalities to make sure you get best value for money. Addressing the most complex of technical issues as well as analyzing the scope for upgrading the products, we apply proven methodologies to maximize process efficiency.

How IMatrix’s Application Maintenance Services Benefit Your Business
  • Dedicated support teams for providing direct assistance to decrease the defect density
  • Minimized downtime and low impact to business users
  • Processes and procedures aligned with the best in the industry
  • Single window for providing application maintenance
  • Logging and Reporting mechanisms
  • Industrial approach to every decision after a careful risk assessment
  • Enhanced operational flexibility which leads to higher returns on investments

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