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NextCloud is a proven database theft and privacy breach protection product platform. Our goal is to help you meet all government database compliance regulations.

We support all platforms and databases, whether they are local or remote. The NextCloud Information and Database Security suite consists of the three independent applications.

Together they provide:

Database Security Weakness Analysis- ensures that all known database best security practices are enforced, while exposing any weaknesses in your system.

Database Auditing and Monitoring- examines and alerts on changes in user/session activity and the changes in database objects, providing immediate data for any required remediation.

Database Security Reporting- provides a transactional view of data changes aiding in regulatory compliance, thus allowing you to adhere to all regulations.

The NextCloud Solution is capable of assessing the weaknesses of databases, proactively monitoring activity of database users, sessions and objects and finally, providing auditing analysis of internal data logs.

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