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IMatrix is a company with extensive experience in the Information Technology Industry. Our experience from providing consultants has taught us that customers require contractors with more than just the technical knowledge. Team work, cultural fit, and attitude are just as important as aptitude. This unique focus has made us not just one of the fastest growing Information Technology consulting firms in the country but also a trusted adviser to our customers in their talent acquisition.

Consulting Services

As part of our consulting services, we offer a customized team-based approach that is designed to reduce the administrative and budgetary burden of filling multiple resource requirements. If your project objectives create the need to deploy more than one resource concurrently, please ask us for additional information on this service.

Outsourced & Off-shore Services

Outsourcing a function, project or department is a significant decision that requires extensive planning and experience in order to reap the full functional and financial benefits typically sought in this type of partnership. Whether it's on-site, off-site or off-shore, we have the experience and track record to lead you through this strategic endeavor.

As a part of this service line we can staff and execute the full lifecycle of a project from inception through closure, including all project management functions. These projects can be bid as fixed price or T&M engagements. Detailed information and references are available upon request.

Professional Services

The success of our Professional Search service is rooted in the extensive network and industry intelligence developed from our consulting and outsourcing activities. As a result, we have substantial "on the job" exposure to our candidates, allowing us to truly assess the depth of their capabilities as well as distinct personal characteristics that can only be exposed over time. We believe this approach is highly effective and positions us to identify, screen and uniquely qualify the best "passive" candidates for your specific requirements.

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Our panel of members are always out there to help you with your queries. If you ever come across any query or problems or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

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